San Luis Obispo Peaks Linkup

I've been training to get in shape to lead Outward Bound courses this summer.
I thought it would be fun to hike the three tallest peaks around town
as a continuous effort.  

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It turned out to be about 13 miles (3 on bicycle) and 3473' elevation gain in six hours.
I wasn't racing, just walking at a steady pace.

Detailed time, elevation, and distance

7:10 Patricia St. trailhead. 384'
8:10 Bishop Pk summit. 1496'  1.7m
8:43 Foothill Blvd. 244'  3.0m
9:00 Serrano x Broad. 238'  4.4m
9:48 Mt. San Luis summit. 1280' 5.8m
10:30 Marsh St trailhead. 185'  7.7m
10:52 Bowden Ranch trailhead. 374' 9.5m
rest / snack / stretch 20 min, depart 11:15
12:01 Reservoir Canyon Ridge stone circle. 1693' 11.1m
12:35 Reservoir Cyn creek crossing.  630'  12.4m
12:53 Reservoir Cyn trailhead.  443'  13.3m