Monkey Island Ambiance - What to Expect

Monkey Island has a remote subalpine feel to it as though you are climbing far from civilization.

Monkey Island is a north facing cliff.  It didn't receive as much glaciation as many popular domes and retains a rather featured character.  The cliff has cracks, flakes and some knobby face. The rock quality is good but not excellent.   
This is a new area and hasn't been groomed by years of use. Be aware of loose rock on all climbs and put loose rocks down into cracks and pockets where they can't be disturbed by climbers or ropes.
The cliff is about 200 feet high. Most climbs are about a pitch and a half, though the first pitch is often 4th or easy 5th.  Generally climbers leave their packs at the base, climb a route, walk off the end of the dome to return to the base and start another route. The descent (from either end) is an easy walk-off.  

It's very tranquil and quiet because the cliff faces away from the highway and there is no road noise, just the wind and the birds.
There are a couple of small ponds nearby for a refreshing dip after climbing.
In mid-summer most of the cliff get directs sun. However, there is some shade under trees at the base.  
The top of the dome is very exposed and there is no shade at all.  
There are typically expansive Tuolumne panoramic views from the top of the dome.

Please help preserve the wilderness character of Monkey Island by following "leave no trace" principles.