Monkey Island - Anchor Photos

Photographs of anchor setups at the top of climbs on Monkey Island.

The tall tree in the center of the photo is the top anchor for Ape Cracks.  For scale, there are packs visible at the base of the tree.  This view is looking Northwest.


This photo shows the location of the anchor of Chimpanzee. The climb tops out in the bottom right corner of the photo.

This is one way to construct an anchor in the flake at the top of Chimpanzee.  Pictured are (left to right) Orange, Red, and Yellow Aliens.

Alternate anchor setup using two HB offset aluminum nuts and an Alien.

Telephoto of cliff top showing location of top belay stance for Gibbon.

A climber working with the anchor at the top of Mandrill. 

Anchor for Tamarin and Uakari, slings around a large block about 30' back from the edge.  12' - 15' long webbing.

Alternate anchor for Tamarin and Uakari, camming devices in a horizontal crack about 6' from edge.